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The Palm Beach County Council of Culture has launched a new initiative to celebrate the art and culture of the Palm Beaches with special offers and hotel offers to revitalize cultural tourism. Palm Beach International Airport is pleased to announce the first ever Boynton Beach Art & Culture Festival. This year, we're highlighting the art, culture and history of our artistically discovered palm beaches as they are discovered. Browse and spread out among the palm trees lining downtown Delray Beach and browse through the diverse collection of art and craftsmen in the historic downtown area.

The Armory Annex Collaboration is located on the corner of Lake Avenue and H Street in downtown Delray Beach. This building also serves as the Florida-certified Tourism Information Center of the Palm Beach County Council of Culture. The mural is located in the sitting area of the 9 Arches Project on H Street near Lake Ave. There are a lot of murals on the walls of this building and other buildings, but the really cool thing about this art district is that you can see the works of several local artists on foot or by car through the art galleries.

When an artist is part of a Palm Beach County project, public spaces, buildings and streetscapes are enriched so that everyone can enjoy. The largest art fair in the Palm Beaches dedicated to emerging works is the Florida Art Fair, whose 22nd edition will be celebrated from January 16-20, 2019. Created by local artists, it offers visitors a unique view of the impressive cultural art that makes Palm Beach unique. This festival celebrates everything you could imagine, from music, food, music and dance to food trucks, art galleries and more.

Learn more about the artists you can find at the Palm Beach County Art Fair, the largest art fair in the state of Florida. Learn more about these artists in over 100 galleries, museums, galleries and museums across the county and worldwide.

Be sure to visit the Boynton Beach Arts District to see for yourself when your next walk is planned. Wandering installations stop in downtown and West Palm Beach, but this is just the beginning and will continue to make its way. Before you leave, check out some of the other art installations in the area, such as the Art Gallery of South Florida and the Museum of Contemporary Art, and hear what they're up to.

Dancing Pineapple made its debut in Boynton Beach in the late 1990s and has been a popular place ever since. It's a mystery bookshop where you can find murders on the beach, pick up a signed first edition and get book signings, lectures and literary meals. Be sure to visit Johnnie's Bookstore, a new addition to the area's literary scene. See for yourself what hidden treasures there are to discover in the new bookstore and other local bookstores and restaurants.

When the opportunity arose to found the Art Commission for the City of Boynton Beach, Debby devoted two years of her volunteer time to implementing the Art in Public Places program. With the support and encouragement of her staff, she became the first female chairwoman in the history of the city and the only woman on the board.

Art Palm Beach has proposed and enabled the installation of more than 1,000 works of art in public spaces in the city of Boynton Beach. Artists are helping to develop plans to lure visitors and businesses to the urban and cultural areas of Boyton Beach and beyond. Art Palm was proposed as an opportunity for the public to visit the Art in Public Places program and other arts and cultural activities in the city of Boynton Beach.

Lake Worth is widely regarded as an artists "paradise in Palm Beach County, so it didn't surprise me that Lake Worth was chosen as the location for the Canvas Outdoor Museum project. Plenty of space in the palm beaches, including a self-guided tour of the city's open-air museum and a public art exhibition. Visit the local extras of the Florida Mural Trail to create a mural that moves from North County to South County.

The beach side of the city is known for the annual Street Painting Festival, but the art in the beach town remains throughout the year. The best time to explore the Boynton Beach Art District is by taking an art walk through it. Art Walk, which is held in conjunction with the Delray Beach Arts Festival and the Palm Beach County Museum of Art, is a great way to explore all the art galleries and studios of Delrays Beach at the same time. A mix of local and international artists, craftsmen and artists from all over the world means there is never a dull moment.

Nature, beauty and form are the main themes in Fehre's work, and Florida's coastal landscapes are inspired by his work. To kick off the festivities, the Cultural Council has partnered with the Boynton Beach Chamber of Commerce and the Palm Beach County Museum of Art to design this year's campaign's artwork, titled Magical Mosaic: Everything under the Sun. Don't call it a beach for nothing, but you have to prove it at this event.

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More About Boynton Beach