Boynton Beach Florida History

I recently did a food tour of Boynton Beach, Florida, which I was able to share with you, and the area is full of opportunities for new home buyers. The Palm Beach County area (also known as Boyton Beach) is one of those places that should not be overlooked when looking for a new home.

There are three different Saturday tours, which, depending on the tour you choose, include Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Palm Beach County, and a tour of the Boyton Beach Historic District and the Palm Beach area. Tours take turns to Delrays Beach (the county's largest city) and Lake Okeechobee, as well as to Boyston Beach.

The Boynton Beach Casino was built in 1958 and was intended to serve as a meeting place for the Palm Beach County Board of Supervisors and other local government officials. The plan served as a blueprint for development in the West Boyton area until its adoption in 1995. The tour starts with a tour of the Boyston Beach Historic District and the Delray Beach Historical District. In Palm Beach County, the school district of Palm Beach and Boytons Beach, the district is his.

In January 1893, the need for a barefoot lemon postman ended, and the farmers of Delray Beach, Florida, gave up exporting their beans, fruits, and other goods. The Florida East Coast Railway has been extended to Key West to compete with the Cuban pineapple market. This attracted many Southern blacks who worked on Florida's railroads and phosphate mines.

In the early 1880s, South Florida attracted a steady stream of pioneer settlers, and beach walkers joined in to continue transporting mail from Jupiter to Miami. For unknown reasons, they were only suspended for two years, but some were shut down.

I took a photo of the original volunteer fire department and kept it in the Boynton Beach City Library. I researched this story for a story written by B.W. White and told the entire duration of this tour. Taste of History Culinary Tours, which distract me a little from my Durante show in the Industrial Arts District of Boyton Beach.

In 2001, the Palm Beach Post named Boynton Beach Oceanfront Park one of the ten most popular parks in the United States. A short walk along the waterfront will quickly show you why the park got its name.

It is exhibited at the Boynton Beach Museum of Natural History, a museum of local and national history, and is part of the national park system of the Palm Beach County Historical Society.

The Deweys left Boynton for Palm Beach in 1911 and Birdie was sold in 1925 when he moved to Winter Park and became field secretary of the Florida Audubon Society. The owners of Oceanfront Land parted ways and changed their name to Ocean Ridge in 1939. Before that date, the area was the town of Boyton, which at the time included what is now Beachwood, a small town of about 1,000 people. When the community renamed itself Ocean Ridge in 1940, it decided to rename itself in honor of one of its most famous residents, George "Birdie" Dewey.

Boynton Beach is served by the tri-station of the same name, which connects Palm Beach County with the cities of Palm Springs, Fort Lauderdale and Fort Myers. From 1867, mail was delivered from the south to Jupiter to the town of Boynton, then a small town of its own - of course.

People in Linton held onto their stocks to sell winter grain, but speculators took notice as tracks were laid along Florida's southeast coast. The Florida East Coast Railway was completed in the spring of 1896 in the Ltona area, and so began the search for a new railway line from Palm Beach County to Boynton Beach.

While Dade County covered much of southeast Florida, Palm Beach County existed as a separate county. While working in Delray Beach, I never took the time to explore the South Florida area and was excited to get to know it.

A creek called the Spanish River ran along the coast from Boca Raton to Boynton Beach. The muddy land that lies in the Intracoastal Waterway is a swamp, but much of the land that Ponce de Leon sailed past in 1513 remains largely untouched. A recent hurricane season dumped inches of rain on South Florida, causing severe flooding in Miami-Dade County.

More About Boynton Beach

More About Boynton Beach