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What to do with a sun-soaked getaway in the heart of Daytona Beach, Florida, just a few miles from the beach?

You'll find the perfect way to get around at the Palmetto and explore some of the best rated trails in Daytona Beach. People of all ages can swim, cycle, hike and play on the Deerfield Beach Boardwalk, one of Florida's most popular hiking trails. See all the activities on the Deerfield boardwalk on TripAdvisor or learn more about the 35-plus Deerfields Beach Trails, which stretch for 261 miles. Find out all the things you can do on the Deerfield Beach Boardwalks and see for yourself.

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The DoubleTree Hilton Hotel Tallahassee is located in the heart of the city, a short drive from the Florida State Capitol. Distinct, Inc., the hotel's owner and operator, encourages travelers to check Airbnb for hotels to determine the "distinct" of a hotel in Tallaassees, Florida. See our list of 13 hotels in Florida rated 11th by couples and fourth by couples, and also rated one hotel on Hutchinson Island highly.

If you want to make breakfast to order, head to Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Anderson Ocean Club Spa is your choice for a Myrtle Beach, SC hotel, ideal for couples, families, couples with children and couples of all ages, as well as single adults. Choose from a full service restaurant, spa, swimming pool, gym, private pool and pool bar, golf course, tennis courts and much more.

Palm Beach has long been known for its upscale boutiques and irresistible beaches, and Palm Beach County offers a variety of hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping and entertainment options, from popular resorts to Delray Beach. The hotel has been consistently rated and received a 4.0 diamond rating in each of the last three years. Hutchinson Island offers a casual setting for an active seaside holiday, with the average age of the current population being 63 years and 5,609 people married. In the heart of South Florida, just a few miles north of Miami Beach, lies the second largest beach resort in the world and is located on the west coast of Florida's largest island.

Residents of the Boynton Beach Holiday Inn Hotel in Boca Raton, Florida have access to a variety of restaurants, bars, shopping and entertainment options. Enjoy live views of your favorite Florida beaches, have fun at Deerfield Beach Pier and love the nearby Bocanegra Children's Museum. You will also have the opportunity to meet up with friends and family during your stay, visit one of the many restaurants and bars in the area, such as the Palm Beach Bar and Grill, or visit the Beach Club, a popular beach bar and restaurant.

Boynton Beach Holiday Inn Hotel in Boca Raton, Florida is one of the most popular hotels in the state of Florida with over 1,000 rooms and a variety of amenities.

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Search for and search for discounted hotel and motel rates in Palm Beach County for your upcoming private or group trip. Look for discounts on hotels and motels in the Palm Beach area with the lowest prices. JB Beach is located in Boynton Beach, Florida, just a short drive from Port St. Lucie Draft House, which overlooks fishing charter facilities in Port St.

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