Boynton Beach Florida Westin Hotel

The hotel's autograph collection announced today the opening of the Ben & Ben Hotel in Boynton Beach, Florida. This newly built 208-room hotel has a contemporary design aesthetic that reflects its location in the heart of downtown Daytona Beach. Ben also has the stunning rooftop lounge and bar, which is the first of its kind in Florida and one of only two in North America. This room can accommodate up to 500 guests and has a fascinating sea view from the top of Ben and Ben, as well as a private pool and wellness center.

In addition to napping in reclining seats, passengers have the opportunity to connect to on-board WiFi, log on to their laptops and work on outstanding projects.

Discover how easy it is to maintain a high level of productivity, and the Hyatt Regency Sarasota helps you keep your business running no matter how far away you are from your office. Whether you are traveling to the Florida Keys, Gulf Coast, Florida State University or Florida Atlantic University, we have coaches that can accommodate groups of 18 to 56 passengers. We serve a number of major Florida cities directly and guarantee you will find a bus that will take you exactly where you need to go.

To make the journey even better, we have personalised coaches equipped with reclining seats and we keep groups in a united front by booking fully equipped minibuses. During your stay, discover the intuitive facilities of the hotel, which will enrich your well-being - from the inside.

Realistically, you may want to set up a buffer for gas and food refreshments along the way, but even after a short drive, it might be more interesting to stop and explore some of the local areas. Paths and promenades provide easy access to the beach, restaurants and shops on the beach, as well as great views of Boynton Beach and the Gulf of Mexico. Realistically, you will probably want to add a few stops - for - rest - stops, gas, food and everything - along the - way.

Traffic makes a big difference, so check in before you leave and allow your personal driver to work around your group's schedule. On the way we stopped for some petrol, food and refreshments, as well as a stop at the beach for a quick lunch.

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We love the location and we love how far we are from the beach and the city to explore so guests at the Westin Sarasota can enjoy drinks. We are within walking distance of Venice Beach in Venice, Florida and other great beaches in the area. Near the beach there is a lively shopping, restaurant, shopping and entertainment centre, which is just a short walk from many of the best restaurants, bars, restaurants and shopping centres. The next beach option in Sarasota is Boynton Beach Resort & Spa, a full-service luxury hotel and condominiums.

We are within walking distance of Venice Beach in Venice, Florida and other great beaches in Sarasota and within walking distance of many of the best restaurants, bars, restaurants and shopping centers.

Shuttles are available to take guests from the hotel to the white sand and the ocean breeze. The hotel has a full service shuttle service from our beach parking lot, which is available for guests to and from the hotel.

Plan your route, choose your stop and enjoy a host of free amenities while taking a private, intimate drive to the beach, the beach or even the hotel's private golf course.

Worlds County is Beach Siesta, west is 159 miles, The east is 280 kilometers long and the west 158 miles. From the lobby you have a magnificent view of the beach, the golf course and the private golf courses, as well as the hotel's swimming pool and wellness centre. With quick stops, you can get to work quickly, be productive and enjoy the view from your bed while planning your next road trip.

The hotel features an outdoor pool and wellness centre, and guests can enjoy drinks at the bar, and communal-style tables stretch across the dining room to encourage socializing, while a cozy living room corner where guests can enjoy cocktails while sitting in their own private lounge overlooking the beach. Books on the walls are arranged in the lobby and reflect the silhouette of the hotel muse Dewey's face.

More About Boynton Beach

More About Boynton Beach