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The average rent in Boca Raton, Florida, is currently $1,854, but Florida residents can save 20 percent on room rates for travel this summer by buying a room at the Boynton Beach Wyndham Hotel, the world's largest hotel chain in Florida.

A room at the Boynton Beach Wyndham Hotel costs $159,289 per night, including two nights of free parking and a $1,000 gift card. Stay at the Comfort Inn in Trenton for $88 per night for two nights, plus $2,500 hotel credit for the first two days.

At the Boynton Beach Wyndham Hotel, you will receive a free valet parking for two nights with Florida ID and a $1,000 gift voucher for the first two days.

If you book before May 31, you will receive a one-time resort credit of $50 that you can use during your stay. Get a special room rate for Florida residents: Residents with valid ID will save 20 percent off the best available rate until September 29. With no restrictions or curfew, Florida residents will receive a 20 percent discount on the best available rate and save on room rates starting at $139 for two nights at the Boynton Beach Wyndham Hotel on May 30, June 1, July 1 and July 2. Residents with valid ID cards can save 20-30 percent off their hotel room rate on the worst available rates until August 28, and get away with no lock date.

Take a trip - see a cruise on an inland waterway or book a zoo adventure at Hilton Palm Beach Airport. Tour of the Everglades : Take a two-day, four-hour tour of the Boynton Beach Zoo and get two VIP tickets to the Palm Beach Zoo. Stay in the Wyndham Hotel's private pool and spa and book a two-night hotel room plus a one-off resort credit of up to $50.

Whether you're riding the waves or strolling along the shore, beach lovers will find paradise in Boynton Beach, Florida, just a short drive from Palm Beach.

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Relax and enjoy a day on the beach at Boynton Beach Florida Wyndham Hotel while pampering yourself at Spa Soleil. The family entertainment includes various activities for children and families, such as a beach party, beach volleyball, beach volleyball and beach games.

Discovery Preschool Center of Boca Raton is committed to providing the best education for children from kindergarten through eighth grade in the Palm Beach County area. The Florida Waldorf School of Palm Beach, which teaches pre- to eighth-graders in BOCARaton, is one of the largest and most prestigious schools of its kind in Florida. We offer preschool through kindergarten, kindergarten through fourth grade, elementary and middle schools, and secondary schools and colleges. Our Bocas Ratons Campus is located on the west side of Boynton Beach, just a short walk from the beach and beach volleyball courts.

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